Art of living

House of antiquities

In this grand house you will come across Colonial Dutch and Portuguese antiques and furnishings crafted from satinwood, rosewood, ebony and jackfruit wood… Guestrooms are named in honour of these trees. Monique and Chanaka have added a modern twist to the decor with leaf inlays in the floor, ornamental concrete, paintings signed by young Sri Lankan artists and colourful fabrics...
Bodhisattva, Shiva, Ganesh, Tara, Suran… spirituality plays a key role here and the decor delights the eye.

Graceful gods and goddesses in stone, wood and granite add an intimate and serene touch to the surroundings. A sweetly perfumed flower is placed on each statue, a tradition upheld by Chanaka whose morning ritual involves placing a few blue water lilies (the national flower and House symbol) in front of a sweetly smiling Buddha.



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